Artist, designer, and writer.

Thrives on challenges from those who present great ideas. Her aesthetic style emphasizes bold contrast and off-beat composition with edge and deliberate use of tension for impact.

She values excellence in all her work and pays attention to the big picture as well as finer details of projects. Whether your needs are unusual and involved, or simple and straight forward, she's happy to chat with you about your next amazing idea.


Response to Silly Memes

I’ve noticed quite a few memes spreading across the Internet giving advice about how to live a “happy” life. But many of these messages give people the wrong ideas. Such as, “smile more”. If we all smiled when we didn’t feel like smiling, then we are basically being advised to be fake. How is that going to help anyone? Another…


Wrapping up a new Website Redesign

Hi all, I’ve been enjoying working with Wynne Wright to completely overhaul and execute a website redesign for her company, Sixteen Sprigs. She runs a lavender farm here in Lansing, Michigan, and needed a way to get the word out about her locally produced lavender products as well as a nice online shopping experience for her customers. I spent time…

margaret-oliver-2015“It is great to be back in Lansing, Michigan after a fantastic photographic caravan across the country from the San Francisco Bay Area, California all the way back here across route 80. I traveled through quite a number of lovely states such as Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois! Looking forward to playing with all the images I took of this wonderful country just in time for an online review launching July 4th. Meanwhile, hope you are all enjoying the Summer.”

Locations May through June

As I’m currently undergoing a major move to Michigan from California I’ll take on new projects starting June 15th. Gotta love falling for someone 2000+ miles away! But as life happens to us all, I am sure you can understand. May 20th through May 26th I’ll be in the San Francisco Bay Area, shooting photos, writing, and packing the last…

margaret-oliver-100x100“Much of my work is project based, although some of what I do is self-motivated. I find inspiration from people, philosophical ideas, and the world around me. In my spare time I enjoy wine tasting and travel.”